"Does Instagram inform a user if you take a screenshot of his or her story?" This question is common among Instagram users who want to take a screen capture or save someone's record in order to share it with a friend or refer to it later. , or hold it against them as a ransom if it is very embarrassing. (The very embarrassing stories, such as the one that makes you a funny face, became more possible thanks to the list of close friends recently published by Instagram.)

Regular diet

s o c i a l c u t 1145192 unsplash

s o c i a l c u t 1145192 unsplashWith regard to regular feed posts, you can take screenshots freely and the user will not be notified. However, the major advantage of publications in feeds is that you have the backup option (or bookmarking) available in the lower right corner of each publication.

You can save your posts to a default collections folder or create a custom folder for any specific publications you want to save. The advantage of this feature is that the user is not notified if you save their publication.

If you have a company profile, you can see how many times your post has been saved, but you will not know exactly who posted the post. Instagram stories do not have the ability to be saved. This may be because Instagram stories seem a bit more personal because they record in a "real time" context. Even if they are public, you will not necessarily share what you share with stories on your public thread.

Part of the beauty of Instagram stories lies in the fact that they disappear after 24 hours. Of course, if you want to save an Instagram story, you can save it as a highlight on your profile page. You can create as many highlights as you like, but you can only hold 100 photos or videos.

Whatever it is, regarding privacy, Instagram is very powerful.

Instagram stories

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When there are Instagram stories, the user whose story is not viewed is not informed if you are capturing or recording his or her story.

So, if you asked yourself the question because you wanted to know if someone was taking screenshots of your own story, then you have no chance because there is no no way to access this information. Regarding the data about your stories, you only have access to those who viewed them, to navigation (that is to say, they jumped or retreated), and if one of these people followed you. You can see this by clicking on the lower left corner that says "seen by".

In February 2018, according to Life Wire, "Instagram spent several months testing a feature that allowed users to know who was taking screenshots of their stories, but this feature has been removed since." They removed this feature in June.

Such a test of this feature does not guarantee that it will not test it again – and may keep it permanently – but for now, we are lucky to be able to take a screenshot without being caught. .

One warning: Life Wire said, "Any third-party apps claiming to send you screenshots are probably extremely out of date or a total scam." They then added, "If you come across an application claiming to be able to tell you who takes screenshots of your content, do not install it. If it's a malicious application, you risk compromising your Instagram account or infecting your device with viruses. "

For security reasons, Instagram has always been strict about the limitations it applies to third-party applications, whether it's a social network manager or something more malicious. No matter the legitimate aspect of a website, if it offers the impossible, it is not real.

What about when you capture a private story in direct messages?

You can be free to be discovered every time you take a screenshot of a friend's story, but you're not free to take any screenshots of it. 39; screen of stories when it is direct messages. To be clear, you can take screenshots and screenshots, but you will be surprised.

Instagram sends a notification to the user if the photo or video is disappearing is a screen capture or screen. What's a story going to disappear? This is a photo or video that you take using the Instagram camera, but you send it directly via direct message, whether to a single person or through a group discussion.

There are two ways to find out if your own disappearing story was a screenshot.

1. You will receive a notification

When someone catches your disappearing story, you receive a notification stating that "User Name" took a screenshot of the photo you sent, "just as if you receive another notification.

2. It's in the direct message itself

A small camera trigger icon will appear in the lower right corner of your story, just above the "seen" mark, if your story has been captured. There is no way to avoid being caught. If you find a website that says you can take screenshots of stories that are disappearing, they are lying or are a scam. At the first warning, do not trust these sites and avoid them.

In summary, you can take screenshots of your friends' stories and they will not be informed. You can not take pictures of a friend's story if it was sent by direct message because he will be informed. Unless of course you do not mind being caught.


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