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For a few years, in which Instagram decided to 'copy' Snapchat and release their stories (Instagram Stories) this function has been very popular, being preferred by a large number of users. In fact, for the millions of users of the well-known social network, it is the most used feature, far above conventional publications.

Instagram Stories it is a function that is in plain sight, so knowing how to view instagram stories It is something very simple, and it will be even more so in the coming dates, when the social network launches the measures it is testing to give greater importance to these temporary contents in its main feed of the app.

In any case, if you still don't know how this feature works, the Instagram Stories or Instagram stories, have the main characteristic of being temporary contents of 15 seconds maximum duration that disappear 24 hours after being published.

In addition, this type of publication allows the addition of drawings, stickers and emojis with which to add more attractions and new ways of interaction between users of the social network. It is also possible to ensure that these contents remain for more than 24 hours, but it would be fixed in the featured stories of each user's profile, although after that time they will cease, in any case, to be present at the top of the main page at the disposal of all users, but they will have to enter the profile in question of the person who has published, to be able to consult the stories at any other time.

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This new function is being widely used from the moment of its launch, since it allows users to quickly publish any fact or matter that they are interested in sharing at any time of the day, both those that are of great relevance to be able to have them of permanently in the user profile, as for those publications that are ephemeral and that you want to disappear the day after they are published.

How to view Instagram stories of friends

If you want to know how see Instagram stories that your friends have created, you only have to access the Instagram application, if you are accessing from your mobile, or the web if you do it from the computer in the desktop version.

As soon as you access the social network, you will see how Instagram gives great importance to this type of content, which appears at the top, highlighted, being surrounded by a circle that makes users who have new stories stand out, while those of the which you have already seen the stories appear shaded and without this circle around.

In the same way, in addition to being able to see if there are new publications from a user because they appear at the top, you have the possibility of access the user's profile in question and see if your profile picture appears with a circle around it. If so, you can click on it to see its Instagram Stories posted in the last 24 hours.

Both options are with which you can see Instagram stories of the people you follow, taking into account that you will not be able to like them, but you will be able to react and send comments, which will arrive in the form of a private message through I.

How to view other people's Instagram stories without them knowing

There are many people who want to know how to view instagram stories from other people without them knowing. When you enter the stories of an Instagram profile without logging in, you should know that the web will block your access and then, when you see the stories with that user, it will appear to those people that you have seen their story.

However, if for whatever reason you want to view someone else's Instagram stories anonymously and even download them, you should know that there are web pages and extensions for Chrome that allow you to do so safely. In any case, it is important that you have to know that You can only see Instagram stories of those accounts that are not private or that, even if they are, have accepted your follow-up request, that is, they are your ‚Äúcontacts‚ÄĚ on the social network.

There are different services that can help you see Instagram stories anomically, among which are the following:

  • storiesIG: A website in which you only have to write the username of a person and all the stories and outstanding stories of that person appear, being able to see them online or download them.
  • Wine Day: This website is focused on downloading Instagram content in a simple way, just by entering the address, but it also has a section to search for the stories of an account and proceed to download them.
  • StoriesWatcher: Another website to view the stories anonymously is StoriesWatcher, which shows all current ones.

For these websites it is essential that the person has a public account, since you do not have to log in with your username and password, which means that you cannot see the private accounts.

On the other hand, you can use extensions for the Google Chrome browser such as Chrome IG Story, which you only have to install in your browser and, once you access the social network from your PC, it will allow you to view them anonymously and even download them without the user knowing.

When you install the extension you will see a new eye icon appear just above the list of stories. By being active you will see how anonymous mode is enabled. In this way you can see the stories as many times as you want and download them all without the other person knowing.

In this way, to see Instagram stories Anonymously from all your contacts is the best option, since it works efficiently and you will not appear in the list of users who have seen that person's publications.

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