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There are many people who are interested in knowing how to create a tournament on Facebook Gaming and transmit it in this way to your entire audience through the streaming platform. Although at first it may seem somewhat complicated, the reality is that it is not so complicated, so we are going to give you a series of indications and tips that you must take into account in order to carry it out.

How Facebook Gaming tournaments work

Facebook Gaming is a platform that belongs to the social network Facebook that is focused on streaming video games, being a tool focused on achieving the transmission of live games and thus attracting users who enjoy watching other players play. Within Facebook Gaming it is possible create a tournament for spectators to participate.

Un Torneod e Facebook Gaming It is a virtual meeting organized by the user of the platform for users, who can thus demonstrate their skills. These tournaments can be both public and private, and it is only necessary to have enabled Facebook Gaming and upload a profile picture of the tournament, choose a name for the competition and create the tournament in public or private mode. One point to keep in mind is that the participants of the same must have a profile registered on Facebook.

Advantages of creating and organizing tournaments on Facebook Gaming

When you create a tournament and organize it through Facebook Gaming you will find different benefits for your profile within the Facebook streaming platform, since in this way you will achieve greater recognition and popularity among the community. This will increase the followers and this will help you, at the same time, when it comes to monetize your channel. In addition, you can achieve this way that some companies are interested in collaborating, especially if you manage to get a name on the platform. This also works to make money on Facebook Gaming.

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When you create a community it is important to work to retain it and make it grow all the time, for which you will have to establish strategies that help you achieve your goal, one of them being to create a tournament within Facebook Gaming. In addition, at the same time, you will be generating empathy and interest among users.

This is because virtual tournaments help viewers to show your interest by allowing them to show what they are capable of within the game. To achieve different strategies and brand growth objectives, it will not be necessary to invest money to create a tournament. It will only be necessary that you have a registered user and transmit the content in streaming.

Also, you should know that you can create different types of tournament, such as a direct elimination tournament that eliminates the different participants. You can also choose a double elimination method to give the first eliminated a new chance, or even opt for team or free-for-all tournaments.

In the same way, you have to know that you have the possibility of create and organize multiple tournaments that are linked to an event. This will make the popularity of the tournament grow significantly and attract the attention of a greater number of users who may decide to become your followers.

How to create a tournament on Facebook Gaming

The first thing you should do if you are interested in knowing how to create a tournament on Facebook Gaming, is to obtain the category of Facebook Gaming content creator, for which you will have to go from your browser to https://www.facebook.com/pages/creation and register your email. In this way you will proceed to create a page with the name of your business, brand or organization. In the column on the left of the screen you will have to choose a category and a description.

Next you will have to become a Level UP affiliate, thus joining the community of creators of Facebook Gaming. Once you carry out the steps indicated by the platform you will find that you will have the possibility of create your own tournament, although you will have to do other additional steps first.

The previous step for this is to find a tool that allows you to improve your live broadcasts and improve the visualization. For it download streaming software like OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS.

Then sign in to Creator Studio to start the live broadcast and then enter your username and password. When you click on Create live stream In the content creators portal you will have to choose where you are going to broadcast the tournament. Copy the transmission key to paste it into OBS and have it sync.

Then you have to go to Facebook Gaming and, in the left column, click on the option Tournaments. If you press on it you will get to a menu with a blue button with the text Create a tournament. Click on it and accept the Facebook terms of use for tournament organizers after reading them.

Choose below the privacy type desired for your tournament, as well as its name and when you have finished click on Next. Already in the final steps you will only have to customize the rest of the options, such as the way in which people can join your online tournament, the type of location, write a description and choose the type of deletion of participants.

Done all of the above it is time to upload a photo of the tournament, and choose whether or not you want to show a list to the participants, in addition to customizing if the guests can share the link in the room. Once you make these final adjustments, you just have to click on Create event and in this way you will already have created your tournament on Facebook Gaming.

You will only have to carry it out and seek to make it a beneficial and exciting experience for all users who are interested in participating in an activity that can be very enriching for the user community.


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