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Delete WhatsApp contacts that you do not have in your agenda is something more common than it may seem. This occurs as the instant messaging application is used, since numbers are registered that in many cases are only needed once, thus keeping only the phone number. This turns into an almost endless phone list over time, making it necessary from time to time to glance at it and try to clean up for keep only the people you want keep for some kind of particular reason.

Fortunately there are different methods that are very simple and fast to carry out for this and that only require access the contact list from the WhatsApp app. These alternatives will allow you to delete both registered contacts and those who are not in the phonebook. What you have to keep in mind is that the app does not invest more than a couple of minutes and can be applied on all devices that are compatible with the messaging application.

How to delete WhatsApp contacts that are not registered

In case you are interested in knowing how to delete WhatsApp contacts that are not registered or that only appear with the phone number in the WhatsApp agenda, you must follow these steps, which are very simple to carry out and that we are going to explain to you below:

  1. First you will have to access the application WhatsApp on your smartphone, where you will proceed to search the application's contact list for the contact you are interested in deleting, and proceed to start a new conversation with that contact.
  2. Then when you find yourself in that conversation, you should click on the three dots icon which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Then you will see that a drop-down appears, where you will have to click on the option View contact, and then press again on the three point icon.
  4. On this second occasion that you click on this button you will see that a drop-down option appears where you will have to click on the option View in contact book.
  5. Then click on Menu and then, among all the available options, you will have to select the option  Delete contact.
  6. To finish you will only have to update your WhatsApp contact list clicking on the icon with the three dots and doing the same on the corresponding option.

It's that simple for you to be able to delete any unknown contact that you have on WhatsApp or that is not properly registered in the instant messaging application. You must bear in mind that the titles or options within the device menu may be somewhat different depending on your mobile; Mainly depending on the operating system, although in all cases it is a similar process that is very simple to carry out and that, as you can see, does not have any kind of difficulty.

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How to delete WhatsApp contacts that are registered

In the event that what you are looking for is to know how to delete a contact that you have registered in your WhatsApp phonebook, the process to follow for this is also very simple to carry out. To do this, you must perform the following steps:

  1. First you will have to go to your smartphone, where you will have to open the WhatsApp application.
  2. Now, start a new chat or open one that you already have open with the person you are interested in permanently deleting from your WhatsApp contact list.
  3. After doing so, you will have to click on the three vertical dots button that you will find in the upper right part of the screen, which will make a list of displayed options appear, among which is the View contact, which is the one you should click on.
  4. Once you are in the profile of the person you must click on the button three vertical points, where a new list of options will appear to choose from, in this case you must click on the option View in contact book.
  5. Next you will have to click on Menu, where again we will have several possibilities to choose from. In this case, you just have to click on Delete contact.

Finally you will have to return to WhatsApp and update the contact book to be able to verify that the phone number has been deleted. To do this, you can click on the icon with the three dots and select the corresponding option to carry out the corresponding update.

Reasons why unknown contacts appear on WhatsApp

There are different reasons why you may come across unknown contacts on your mobile device, sometimes without you having manually registered these, and this may be due to different reasons such as the following:

  • Accounts synced on device: If someone has registered a different account on your device and activated the option to synchronize contacts, it is very likely that his entire WhatsApp agenda may have been mixed with yours. This is something that can be solved in a simple way, since it is enough to deactivate this synchronization or delete the mail registered in the section Accounts of the smartphone.
  • Second hand devices: When a second-hand mobile phone is purchased and it has not been factory reset, it is possible to find some unknown contacts on WhatsApp. You will only have to restore the computer or, failing that, delete the calendar manually to end this problem of unknown contacts in the instant messaging app.
  • Badly registered contacts: If for any reason you did not register a contact on the phone properly, it will only appear with a phone number in the WhatsApp agenda. In this case, to solve the problem you will only have to modify it.

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