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There are many people who are interested in knowing how to clone WhatsApp, so that they can use it at the same time on two different devices, for which there are several options, ranging from downloading an external application to using tools such as WhatsApp Web. This platform is one of the most used worldwide, but despite user requests and its numerous updates, WhatsApp does not allow using the same account on two different mobile phones.

For this reason, applications must be used that allow this action to be carried out, so we are going to show you the different ways that you have at your disposal to be able to use in more than one WhatsApp terminal or device, the preferred instant messaging application by most people.

If you are interested in knowing how to clone WhatsApp You just have to keep reading and you will know the different options that you have at your disposal.

With WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp offers the ability to connect to your application from your computer or tablet without the need to constantly check your phone. At the time of opening Web WhatsApp on the device of your choice, either from its application or from the browser itself.

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By doing so, you will be able to enjoy messages in real time, so it will help you to use your computer or tablet and the application interchangeably, especially useful for working and to be able to answer from your PC.

In the event that you are interested in using this system to clone WhatsApp We are going to explain what it consists of and the steps you must take. For this you have to:

  1. First of all you have to enter web browser that you prefer, and then open Web WhatsApp on the phone where you want to clone the app.
  2. Then, once entered, if you are using the Google Chrome browser, you must go to the button three vertical points that you will find in the upper right.
  3. Next you will have to select PC version.
  4. Then go to the second smartphone where you have WhatsApp installed and open the application, then press the button. three vertical points that appears at the top right of the screen.
  5. go to Web WhatsApp and positions the camera in front of the other screen to scan the QR code that will show you on the page.
  6. After a few seconds the synchronization will be done.

From that moment on, you can have WhatsApp from the same account on two mobile terminals, one of them using WhatsApp Web.

Using rooted phones

In the event that you have two rooted smartphones you can clone your WhatsApp account on one of the devices to stay connected regardless of the smartphone you decide to use.

In this case you will need know the IMEI code, which you can find both in the terminal box and sometimes in the battery compartment or simply by pressing on the phone  * # # 06 and the call key.

Next you will have to download Titanium Backup and grant it root permissions. Later you have to install Titanium Backup, Donkey Guard, Xposed and WhatsApp on another phone.

Then open Donkey guard and go to Settings -> Identity, and select the checkbox Device ID so that a window opens in which you can enter the IMEI code.

When you enter it, you must save and close, to then copy the Titanium Backup file (sdcard / titaniumbackup) and you hit the second terminal. Finally, restore the data by opening Titanium Backup.

Using Applications

If you want to know how to clone WhatsApp Through external applications to use it in more than one terminal, you have different options, including which we are going to talk about below:

Whats Clone App

This application helps to clone WhatsApp easily and quickly. It is a lightweight app that does not cause operating problems in the terminal and that allows start multiple accounts at the same time, having a free service and different access patterns to guarantee security and privacy when using the instant messaging app.

The advantage of the application is that in addition to duplicating the WhatsApp account it also allows cloning other social networks and applications such as Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, LINE ...

If you have WhatsApp installed on one phone, on the other device you will have to download this application so that you can use the same account on two smartphones.


WhatsClone is an app that is designed to copy any account on another terminal or on the same device, being completely free and works in the same way as WhatsApp Web, since you must scan the QR code to have access to all the messages that arrive at the main telephone. Synchronization is done quickly and it also has an interface that is easy to use and intuitive.

At the time of download, the application will ask you to register and create your username. When you log in you must place the main phone above the screen of the terminal in which you want to duplicate WhatsApp to proceed to scan the QR code.

The use of these applications will help you to clone WhatsAppAlthough you should bear in mind that this type of action, which is not allowed by WhatsApp when using external services, can lead to WhatsApp revoking the use of your account if it finds that you are not respecting its terms and conditions.

In any case, we hope that in future updates WhatsApp will offer among its functions the possibility of using the same account from more than one device, something that could be very useful for all those people who use the application and who would like to be able to use it. of the same account in more than one terminal because they make use of it. In addition, there are also those who request that you can have more than one number in a terminal without having to resort to a Dual SIM terminal.

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