In recent years there has been a great boom in bots, a tool that can be very useful for all types of companies and professionals who want to provide their services through the internet. Above all, there has been tremendous growth when it comes to facebook bots, which is why many people are interested in knowing how to create one and that, in addition, it is really effective for the purpose they intend to give it, so that they can achieve their professional goals.

At first, many thought that it could only be available to large companies, but really if you want to know how to create an effective Facebook bot You can do it even if you are starting a modest business, since its great ease makes it available to all those who want to implement it. Here we explain everything you need to know about it.

What is a Facebook bot

Un facebook bot is a tool that is responsible for combining different technologies at its disposal to automate tasks, so that it interacts with users automatically.

In this way, when a client has some kind of problem or doubt, the bot can take care of meeting his request at first, often his intervention being sufficient to achieve the expected result; And in the event that you cannot be able to resolve it because it is a complex issue or outside the usual topics of consultation already provided, you can always refer to contact the traditional customer service, by a being human.

What are bots for?

Once we have explained to you what is a facebook bot, we are going to summarize, briefly, some of the advantages to know how to create an effective Facebook bot for your account on the social network.

You should know that with its implementation you can improve the customer service you offer, in addition to increasing traffic to your website or mobile app and you can carry out a pre-selection of those users who are interested in your products and services . All this will help you when it comes to providing better customer service and increasing your number of sales, in addition to the savings that the reduce basic support that you must provide to your customers.

Bots functionalities

Know how to create an effective Facebook bot It is something very useful and recommended, in addition to that it can bring you a large number of advantages, highlighting, among others, the following functionalities:

  • Chat on your website: One of its main functions is to allow you to integrate a chat on your own website, so that users can contact you directly from this medium to make any questions or have their doubts resolved.
  • Welcome message: The welcome message is key before launching the bot. In this way you can send a greeting that can allow your client or user to start contacting you.
  • Downloadable content: An option for bots is those that are intended to offer help before the sale, which can be produced through downloadable content, so that you are already adding value to the user.
  • Automatic messages: This functionality allows you to launch automatic messages to those who comment on posts or announcements that you make on the platform, so that you can create a point of contact that can lead to a sale.

Tools to create Facebook bots

If you are interested in knowing how to create an effective Facebook botYou must bear in mind that there are different options that you can use to do this, keeping in mind that knowing how to create a bot does not imply having prior programming knowledge.

Some of the most recommended are:

The first one is free while the rest have both paid and free options, so that you can opt for the one that you consider best suited to your needs.

How to create a Facebook bot

When it comes to knowing how to create a facebook bot you will find that these can range from very basic bots to advanced ones, there are many companies that decide to delegate the creation of it to their programmers to achieve very advanced functionalities.

However, we are going to explain the basic steps that you must follow, from which you can always grow if you consider it to try to achieve the best results, which will be given as long as it responds to your needs. The needs of each company or professional are different, so in some cases even the most basic functionalities may be more than enough.

To do this you must follow the following steps:

  1. First you must sign up for a Bot creation tool, like some of the ones we have mentioned.
  2. Once you have done it you will have to confirm access to the tool with your Facebook fanpage.
  3. Next you must configure the basic parameters of the tool to be able to create the bot, which involves selecting the bot administrators, their language, the main menu and the default reply message.
  4. Next, it is recommended that a plan be designed for the welcome message, since it will be the first thing users will see when they open a chat on your fanpage and it is the basis of any bot for this social network. In this sense, it is recommended to give users who speak to you for the first time 2 or 3 different ways, in addition to activating responses for each of them.
  5. Once you have it clear you should go creating sequences or content strategy that you will use to respond to users' concerns. Through these tools the path is all very simple, since they have a very intuitive operation.

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