Internet dating services have become a top priority, and Tinder is a service that is leading the podium today. With its large number of users and intuitive applications, the service has established its position as a leader in the lucrative field of online meetings. Tinder allows you to create a profile on it and start meeting people by swiping or swiping other registered profiles in the app, and if a match occurs, the contacts will be enabled for them. For some people finding a "better partner" is a very simple task, while for others it is not. The truth is that many have formal, informal, friendly relationships and of any other type. Marriage has established the same relationship. via Internet. Despite this, the security provided by this form of partner search is not very effective because you do not fully understand a person until you live with that person, or even until you have known them for many years. In fact, a tragedy occurred in this form of encounter. On the other hand, not everything is going to go well, in fact, a certain percentage of stable and lasting relationships have already emerged when applying to find a partner or simply to make friends. I am not sure or doubt which is the best match for you. There are many applications and forms to find a partner, some are considered good and others not so many, but the pioneer form of this type of television dating is Facebook Couples. If you are interested, you can check how to link with Facebook. .

How to find someone specific on Tinder

It is undeniable that the Tinder application has been widely recognized and listened to around the world, so it is unlikely that people will not notice this type of social network to search for partners. It can be said that the Tinder application is not as popular as Facebook, it is special, or it can be said that it is a rule that you must be of legal age to use it, and you must verify if you can use the application. In your country, you should also consider how to connect to the Internet safely to avoid risks. To find out if someone has a profile on Tinder, you must have an account in the application and start interacting with that account, if you want to search for a specific person, you must have been paired with the user. The list of matches is immersed in the application, for this you must press the icon in the form of a balloon and drag it down until the search dialog box appears, simply enter the name of the person. Tinder modified the way it finds or searches for partners online by connecting people based on their preferences or interests. You can choose to use the application from the web, simply type the word in the browser of your choice to log in. However, the application can also be used on smartphones with Android or Apple operating systems. If you are an Android user, you need to go to the Google Play application, download and complete the registration. On the other hand, if you are a loyal Apple user, you just need to go to the Appstore, download and complete the registration. Regardless of the type of device you use, the application will work with them, and you will prefer it because it is completely free, unless you want to use other functions instead of spending some money. Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold offer additional features are unlimited likes, passport function and rewind function, which can give you a second chance.

How Tinder Platinum works

tinder It is the best-known dating application today and the most popular by users worldwide, an app that serves to get in contact with other people with different purposes according to each of them. It is a reference app when it comes to flirting and that has a very simple operation, being this in which a large part of its success lies compared to other similar services and platforms on the market. This time we are going to talk about his new Tinder Platinum, a new feature of the flirting app that adds to the existing Tinder Gold. This new subscription plan adds all the features of Gold but also other extra options. Platinum allows users to enjoy the same advantages that can be found in the Gold payment system, that is, know who has given you like, be able to give unlimited likes, have 5 daily superlikes, be able to use a boost per day, and the possibility of being able to re-review a profile that you may have decided to reject at first. In addition, it also offers the ability to hide age and distance. You can also choose new locations to find potential matches in these locations, without having to physically find yourself there. In addition to all of the above, which was already available at Tinder Gold, the new payment option Tinder Platinum adds additional functions, which are mainly the following three improvements:
  • You can enjoy priority likes, that is, that a profile appears earlier in the feed of people who have been previously liked, thus increasing the chances of making a match more quickly with other people.
  • There is the possibility that all the likes that can be given to the user's profile become matches instantly.
  • The possibility of send messages without the need for a match in those cases in which it is a profile that has been given a superlike.
Tinder is an application that discriminates against users based on gender and age. Taking into account that Tinder Gold costs considerably less and offers most of the functions, it is still a much more suitable option for the vast majority of people, since it offers more than interesting functions. In any case, it is possible that a Tinder Platinum new features arrive over the months that really make it a great leap in quality and service and that makes it really worthwhile to face an additional payment to be able to enjoy it. In any case, the choice of one subscription plan or another will depend on the preferences of each person and how their possibilities are when it comes to paying for the subscription.  

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