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The social network of Facebook was created in 2004 with the aim of connecting some people with others, being a place where you can share and publish very diverse content, from experiences and interests, to photographs, tastes, videos, and much more, being the place perfect to meet family and friends and interact with it. In this way, the door was opened for many people to be aware of what happens to their family and friends even though they may be hundreds or even thousands of kilometers apart.

Today Facebook has reached a level of popularity that makes it a perfect place for all types of companies and brands to find a place to create their marketing strategy That allows them to get in touch with their clients and potential clients, that they feel a greater closeness and that they are more willing to become their definitive clients.

It is currently the most used social network worldwide, with a total of more than 2.740 million users, who every day navigate between a large number of publications with which to interact.

In this sense, there are many people who have doubts about how to know who visits a Facebook profile, something that always generates great curiosity among many people. Although from the application itself there is no possibility of knowing it for privacy reasons, along the following lines we are going to explain a trick that you will be able to know to know who watches your facebook.

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Trick to know who visits your Facebook

To know who visits your Facebook profile You will need to have a computer, as well as a lot of patience, since although it is a process that is very easy to carry out, it is also somewhat tedious, so you may despair shortly after you start trying to find out.

In any case, if you are interested in knowing how you can find out who views your account on this well-known social network, the steps you must follow are those that we are going to mention below:

  1. First of all you must open your Facebook profile through the web browser of your choice, so that, once you find the web page fully loaded, right click with your mouse at any point on the screen, which will open different options.
  2. Among all those available options you will find one that you will have to press, which is View source of the page. Alternatively you can press the key F12 or keys CTRL + UCmd + U in the case that you use a Mac, instead of making use of the mouse.
  3. By doing so, you will automatically see another tab open in your browser, in which you will see HTML code which can be very confusing for you, especially if you are not used to seeing this type of language. However, it is easier to use it than you think.
  4. Next you will have to open search box on this page, for which you will have to do the key combination CTRL + FCMD + F in the case of Mac.
  5. From this place you will have to copy and paste or write directly BUDDY_ID in the search box, then press the Enter key. This means that each person who has seen your Facebook profile has a code with these letters tagged in HTML. In this way, you will be asking the page to show you all the labels of this type that exist.
  6. Once you have done it you will see how a code gives you as a result buddy_id: accompanied by a series of numbers. These numbers are the identity of one of the people who has visited your profile. As you click on the date in the search box that you typed in BUDDY_ID You will see the rest of the matching results, and therefore, knowing the identity of the rest of the people who have visited you.
  7. Once you have them you will have to copy your number without the quotes and return to your Facebook profile opened in the previous tab or open a new one. With this you will have to paste the number so that it is as follows: www.facebook.com/123456789. When doing so remember that you must separate facebook.com from the user's identification code by a bar. Once entered you will only have to press Enter and you will be able to access the profile of the person who has visited your Facebook profile.

Once these steps are known, you will only have to repeat them over and over with the rest of the numbers or identity codes that appear to you. In this way you can meet all those people who have visited you, or get to find the person you are interested in meeting.

Apps to know who visits you on Facebook

Surely if you have looked for the way to know who has visited you on Facebook You will have come across different programs and applications that claim to help you for this purpose. However, the reality is that there is none of them that work, so you will have no choice but to resort to manual tricks like the one mentioned in order to know this information.

Facebook has always advocated not showing this information to users for privacy reasons, and therefore no software outside the company can access this information. Therefore, run away from any application that promises you that it will be able to list all the people who have visited you on this social network, since, although it may show you some results, the reality is that it is more than likely than reality. do is give you names of random users, and who have not really visited you. In addition, for this you will have to grant permissions and that could put the integrity of your account at risk.

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