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Instagram It is one of the social networks most used today by an audience of all ages, especially among teenagers. One of the latest features that have been added to this platform are live videos, which are used by a large number of users to show others their adventures, events or to carry out different raffles, contests or promotions. Its potential is enormous and it should be a feature to be taken into account by all those who seek to carry out a marketing strategy in this well-known social network.

In the live feature of Instagram Users can interact with who is broadcasting video through text messages, but they also have the ability to show that they like the video by giving them a Like. The more “likes” they receive, the more importance and notoriety these live videos will have.

Buy Instagram direct video likes It is one of the fastest ways to get “likes” in a video broadcast live on this platform, which will encourage other users to also like the video. However, along with hiring this service, it is recommended that the content is always of quality, thus achieving better results.

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This tool is very easy to use and more and more people decide to share their videos live with other users. In fact, at present it is already allowed for several people to share a live show and for it to be viewed by their respective followers, which can create many other opportunities for promotion and content creation among several people, thus enriching the experience and increasing your chances of gaining popularity and notoriety on the platform.

Buy Instagram direct video likes is a service that we put at your disposal in Crea Publicidad Online with different packs so that each user or professional can hire the number of "likes" they want within the social network, thus helping them to increase their popularity and social impact. This service is totally safe for you and will not have any negative action by the platform neither towards you nor towards your account, so there is no risk of possible penalty or cancellation of the account.

Live videos continue to have a great impact on users, who thus feel closer to those people or brands they follow, since they have the possibility of interacting and being able to be heard. Its possibilities are very great in the field of marketing and therefore directing from Instagram is increasingly used by users.

If you are looking for services with the best value for money on the market, please contact us. We also recommend that you combine this service with other of our products for Instagram, such as the purchase of reproductions for stories, purchase of impressions, purchase of real followers, purchase of positive or negative comments, and so on.

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