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When a notification arrives on the smartphone from a social network or messaging service such as Facebook Messenger we may not be at the best time to respond to that person. However, it may turn out that at that time we do want to view the content, even if we leave the answer for later.

The main problem that we find in that sense is that it may be the case that we want to read what they have written to us, without our friend or the person who has contacted us seeing the usual visa of social networks. In this article we are going to explain the ways you have to be able to see those messages without the other person knowing.

In each social network, the seen indicator for messages can be very different, although they all work in a similar way. In WhatsApp, it is identified with a double blue check when the other person has received and read the message, while if it has only been received but not read, it appears with a blue tick.

In the case of Facebook Messenger it is different. Confirmation of Message sent It is presented with the symbol of a circle with a single check inside it. When a person receives this message, the inside of the circle is filled with blue and when he reads it, the circular symbol disappears giving way to his profile picture.

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Now you know how to identify the different states of the messages in the application, but what interests you if you have come this far is to know how to read conversations on Facebook Messenger without the other person knowing, which is what we are going to tell you next:

How to read Facebook Messenger messages without being marked as seen

The process of being able to read messages without being seen in the application can be carried out in different ways and will also depend on the device from which you make the query, since it can vary.

First of all, we are going to explain the steps you must follow from your smartphone. From the mobile phone there are three methods of doing it:

Airplane mode

The option of activate airplane mode it is the most classic of all. When you see that you have received a message on Facebook Messenger from the terminal notifications, you just have to put the smartphone in airplane mode, which you will find by sliding the top bar of the start menu.

Once the airplane mode is activated, you can go to the Facebook Messenger application and read the messages received, as you normally would. When you are done you just have to deactivate the airplane mode.

In this sense it is very important that before deactivating it, close the Facebook Messenger application from multitasking, since otherwise it would continue to work in the background and this will allow it to detect that these messages have been read and, therefore, that the indicative of this is shown to the other person.

Read when notification is received

Another option that you can use to read the message is if you are using the phone at the time you receive the message, since in that case you will only have to long press notification pop-up that will appear on the screen to display the complete message.

Once read, you will only have to close it by clicking on the cross to cancel the possibility of giving a quick response, which will allow you to read the message without detecting that you have done so, that is, without showing any type of information in this sense who has sent it to you.

Read from notification center

A third method occurs in those cases in which you have received a Facebook Messenger message while you are not using the smartphone. In this case you can go to notification center to do the same previous step, that is, press and hold on the message to activate the quick reply and be able to read the message.

Later you will have to cancel the quick response and you may have read the message without the other person having proof of it.

Read Facebook Messenger conversations without the other person knowing (from the computer)

The previous methods are used to be able to read messages from Facebook conversations without the other person knowing it on a smartphone, either with an iOS or Android operating system. However, it may also be the case that you are using it from your computer, which will make you unable to access the notification center or airplane mode, so you will need alternative methods.

In the case of the computer, what you should do is install a browser plugin, existing different possibilities. In this sense we recommend Unseeen For Facebook in the case of Google Chrome, and Message Seen Disable for Facebook for Firefox.

You just have to install the extension for your browser and activate it following the instructions and that's it. From that moment you will be able to read the messages that your acquaintances or friends send you without the other person knowing from your computer.

These are methods that will allow you to prevent the other person from knowing that you have read a message, a function that is very useful on different occasions, since for various reasons you can find yourself in theSeo of trying to avoid a response to a person at a certain time. In these simple ways you can carry out the process in a very simple and comfortable way.

From the smartphone the methods are also valid for other social networks that have an operating system similar to Facebook Messenger, while in the case that you are using a computer, for other apps and services you will need to make use of specific extensions for this.

We hope that everything that we have indicated has helped you so that you can prevent the other person from knowing that you read their messages.

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