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Due to different circumstances, especially if you want to create a video to upload to UAF YouTube, IGTV or for any social network or service in general you may find yourself in need to know how to record computer screen, audio and webcam at the same time, so that you can create presentations or record tutorials or samples of products or services quickly and comfortably.

Tools to record your computer screen for free

To achieve this you can find different tools, which we will refer to below, so that you can use them in your projects without any problem. Some of them are more focused on educational purposes and others for other uses. In any case, we talk about the most recommended:

Power point

Power point It is a tool that, although you have never used it for this type of function, the reality is that it is used to record the PC screen. Power point It is a perfect tool for teachers or people who must carry out the presentation of different projects for associations, jobs, etc.

Through this program you will be able to record the passage of the slides, taking into account that in Microsoft's own software in its desktop version you will find an option to Record slide show, located in the tab Slide show.

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Likewise, you should know that if you use Office 365 or have the latest version of the software, you can enjoy the option of recording your webcam at the same time, so you can create perfect material for tutorials or explanations to students.

The recordings remain recorded on each of the slides, so you can go to the desired one to re-record the narration made if you do not like the final result. In addition, it is a tool that allows to highlight elements of the slide thanks to its different tools to be able to carry out annotations, thus focusing the attention of users on a particular point.


Loom is another of the tools that you have at your disposal to be able to carry out the computer screen recording, being able to record any application you want or a website or similar. In this case, you will find an application that is only available in English, but it is very intuitive and therefore easy to use.

This app allows you to record audio and images through the website, in addition to making annotations on the screen.

This tool allows to achieve a very attractive design at a visual level, with a recording of the webcam that appears in a circular way, thus making it possible to enjoy a new design.

One of its great advantages is the possibility of sharing the video over the internet in a very fast way. One of its advantages is that it does not require downloading the video file on your computer, and then you must upload it to the content platform you want, either UAF YouTube, Vimeo, IGTV or any other you consider.

Windows / Mac Screen Recording

Another option that you have at your disposal is to use the tools of native screen recording that incorporate Windows and Mac operating systems and that you can find in their most current versions. The great advantage is that you will not have to resort to downloading any additional software, so it may be more comfortable for you.

As against it, it does not offer you as many options as you can find in other types of programs with a specific development to perform these functions.


In case you want record the screen on a Windows computer you must carry out the following procedure:

  1. First you must place the application you want to work with on the screen to capture the image and then place Xbox in the search engine or simply press the keyboard shortcut Windows + G.
  2. Next you must activate the audio so that the native application allows you to record the voice and start your recording by clicking on Record.
  3. Once everything you want to comment is finished, you must click again on Record. At that time, the video will be automatically saved in the Videos -> Captures folder in .mp4 format


In the event that you have an Apple computer, that is, a Mac, you must follow the following procedure:

  1. First you must press the key combination cmd + uppercase + 5, which will bring up the recording panel. In them you can choose if you want to record only a part of the screen, if you want to take an image capture or if you want to make a recording of your entire screen.
  2. In the event that you want your voice to be recorded, you must activate the audio by going to Options and selecting the corresponding microphone.
  3. When you have done it you just have to click on Record to start recording. To finish you just have to press the key combination cmd + ctrl + esc, which will stop recording
  4. At that moment a thumbnail of the recording will appear, from where you can edit the recording, cropping if you wish and being able to directly share the recorded video.

These are three different options that you have at your disposal to record computer screen, audio and webcam, so that you can do it in a very comfortable and fast way. In this way you can create all kinds of content to share with your followers through social networks, to make a YouTube channel or for many other different options.

These are very useful tools that you can use for all your projects, so we recommend that you take a look at them before purchasing other paid software, since in many cases this type of program may be enough. simpler and not complex video recording and editing programs. We recommend them.

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