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If you are interested in knowing how to record your computer screen For any purpose you should know that you have at your disposal different tools, both free and paid, to be able to do so. The program you select for this must be compatible with your operating system, whether Windows or Mac, although it must be borne in mind that these, from the factory, already have a pre-installed program to be able to record the screen in just a few steps.

This time we are going to explain how to record your computer screen on Windows and MacBoth with programs that include the systems themselves and using external options, tools that can offer you many possibilities when it comes to recording the screen.

In addition, you must bear in mind that if you do not want to download any program, there are also some websites that offer this type of services online.

How to record your computer screen in Windows

Si quieres record your computer screen and you have Windows 10 as an operating system, you can use the program called Ezvid, which has become one of the best tools for this, since it also offers the possibility of editing.

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It is a practical, simple and very intuitive program to use, with a 45 minute recording limit, which is a very functional tool if you are interested in recording the video in several parts. To record your PC screen with Ezvid you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. First you must download Ezvid through its website and then, once installed, open the program on your computer and click on the screen icon called Capture Screen.
  2. Then you will have to click on Start capture now, and it will start recording. When you decide to end the recording, it will be as easy as pressing the button Stop.
  3. Once you have loaded the recording you will only have to click on the cover with the right button, and select on Delete to delete it.
  4. Once this step is done, you will only have to edit the video by adding voice recordings, as well as musical effects or accelerating video playback.
  5. When you have finished editing the video you will have to save it, for which you will only have to select Save video.
  6. Once it is saved you will see how Ezvid will open the folder where the video has been saved. You can play it with the player you prefer so you can see how it turned out.

Game bar

With option Game bar you will be able to record the applications or the games that are being developed in the PC in the foreground. Once you have clarified this point you can use Game bar to record a game or application from the screen, for which you will have to press the key combination at the same time Win + G.

At that moment you will see how several windows appear with different options, in this case you must select the option Performance, and then on Capture, to choose Start recording.

If you want to use this tool, you should know that you can also save recordings as backup on Dropbox or One Drive. This option can be activated or deactivated whenever you want, by clicking on the cloud storage services, with the buttons Settings -> Auto Save.

How to record your computer screen on Mac

In the event that you have a computer equipment Mac, you must bear in mind that these have a combination of keys that allow you to start the recording, as well as the program itself called QuickTime Player to record screens or save images as snapshots. In addition to making recordings, you can edit and play them with the same program.

QuickTime Player

El QuickTime Player is the pre-installed program that Mac computers have for recording, playing and editing video, so that it can then be shared with other people or uploaded to platforms such as YouTube or similar. If you want to use QuickTime Player to record your computer screen, The steps to follow are those:

  1. First you will have to search QuickTime Player on the Mac Launchpad.
  2. Then you will have to click on Archive and then click on New screen recording.
  3. Choose if you want to record the whole screen or part of it and finally press on Record.
  4. To finish with the recording, you just have to click on the Stop, which is a white circle that has a gray square in the center.
  5. Finally you will only have to choose a name for the video and then you should select folder to be able to save it.

Record command on Mac

To quickly access the recording of the computer screen on Mac, you will only have to press the following combination of keys: Command + Shift + 5. An options bar will automatically appear, in which you will have to press the button Record to start screen recording.

Programs to record the screen

In addition to the above options, there are some programs to be able to record the computer screen, being some of the most recommended for this the following:

  • OBS Studio: It is a program compatible with both Windows and Mac and Lunx, having the great advantage that it allows screen recordings but also for live streaming.
  • Loom: It is a very easy tool that allows you to record and share the video with other people through a shared link. It also works with a very simple and intuitive platform.
  • TinyTake: This program is characterized by having a very practical handling while recording the screen and taking image captures on the PC. It is also possible to share the video and add comments during the recording. It is a perfect option for those who want to record tutorials or demonstrations, since it supports recordings of up to two hours of video.
  • Action!: Video game fans who want to broadcast live, a good way to do it is to record the screen of the game with this program, one of the favorites by users as it is designed to capture games and make a direct broadcast on different video platforms. streaming.

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