Refund Policy

The estimated period of beginning (not to be confused with end) of the service is 1-7 days. Delivery times are approximate, orders may take longer depending on the contracted quantity. That is why you cannot be fully reimbursed in the event that the actions have not yet completed within the time that you have estimated as appropriate for the procedure.
At the time of payment of an order, contracting a service or subscription, you agree to wait up to a maximum of 60 business days from the date of your communication of the incident or delay, during this period we will work to solve your request.

  • We are not responsible for any partial refund if your account has been blocked or suspended by social media teams due to misuse of our services.
  • We never guarantee any refund due to any crash or error in the System.
  • We assure you 100% of the refund only if the services could not be started due to our error.

Read carefully all of our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Never make a request on this page without checking everything accurately. We are not yet ready to reimburse you while your request is being processed, but you have changed your mind and want to stop dealing with us. This especially applies to situations where you have already started receiving "likes" and "fans" from us. If you change your mind and decide not to add likes to the url provided within 24 hours of the request, we cannot refund you, but in case we have not sent them yet, you can send us a new url to send them to.

You can contact us through our Customer Service group on our website for additional information on our Refund Policy or to request any refund.

Conditions for the return:

As we indicated above, Creapublicidadonline will only make refunds of the amount paid, if it is within a period of less than 12 hours and the order has not yet been processed, in many cases the processing of each order is done instantly when placing the order. The client reserves his right to withdraw from the contract.

When the amount of a purchase is charged using the number of a credit card without it having been directly presented or electronically identified, its holder may demand the immediate cancellation of the charge and the reimbursement must be made as soon as possible. In the event that the purchase had actually been made by the cardholder and he had unduly demanded the cancellation, he will be obliged to compensate the seller for the damages caused as a result of said cancellation.

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