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For a decade, streaming has become one of the preferred ways for users around the world to consume content on the Internet. In this regard, it should be noted that Facebook Live It is one of the most used by users.

Along the following lines we are going to explain to you how stars work on Facebook Live, a simple tool but with great potential that allows us to give life to the platform and that serves to motivate both content creators and viewers themselves, since the latter can reward the efforts of the former, helping them to receive financial compensation for your time and dedication.

What are Facebook Live stars and what are they for?

HR stars from Facebook Live They are digital tokens of the platform that have a monetary value within it, which are used as sustenance and financing of it and of the content creators who are in charge of creating content on it.

The operation of this system is quite simple, since users can buy these stars to later donate them to their favorite content creators. Thanks to this donation system, Facebook Live manages to compete with other streaming content platforms such as UAF YouTube or Twitch, being one of the ones that offer the highest economic performance to content creators today.

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HR Facebook Live stars have a fixed value for streamers, this economic value being one star = 1 euro cent. This may seem like a very low value, but the reality is that rarely a spectator donates just one star, since they are usually bought to donate packages of more than 100 stars, and these are equivalent to 1 €.

In this way, the equivalence, so that you can get an idea, are the following:

  • 100 stars = € 1.
  • 1.000 stars = € 10.
  • 10.000 stars = € 100.
  • 100.000 stars = € 1.000.
  • 1.000.000 stars = € 10.000.

Another point to keep in mind is that, when collecting the winnings you must collect a minimum of 10.000 stars, that is, a minimum of 100 euros. In addition, the earnings will not reach you immediately after the request, but will be delayed until 30 days after the end of the month if you are in Western countries.

Methods accepted by Facebook to pay the creator or to buy stars

One of the great advantages that Facebook offers when it comes to stars for Facebook Live is that it offers a wide variety of different methods, which means that both users and content creators have different avenues to turn to, contrary to what happens, for example, with other platforms such as UAF YouTube, which is limited to the issuance of a check or an international bank transfer with all the commissions that this entails.

Among its most popular methods, the following should be identified:


PayPal It is the preferred method for a large number of people, a payment platform that is accepted in thousands of online stores around the world, as well as in both physical and internet commerce.

Facebook has for many years allowed users to make use of this platform to pay for advertising on Facebook Ads, and also to process star payments to compensate streamers for the work they do. This option is valid in the vast majority of countries and to be able to opt for it it is necessary to configure the payment through this platform.

Visa and Mastercard

Another option to be able to buy the stars of Facebook Live to reward content creators is to use the credit cards of VisaMasterCard. In this case, the payment settings automatic, as well as establishing your favorite credit card to be able to receive them every month after being processed with the platform.

Other payment methods

In addition to those mentioned, Facebook allows numerous payment methods through what it calls «manual payment ». This means that it will be necessary to request manually every time you have reached 10.000 stars, that is, 100 euros, or when you have collected a higher amount and you think it is the right time to withdraw your money as a content creator.

Among them we can mention payment methods such as Alipay, Doku, Dotpay, Interact, iPay, Sofort, TrustPay  and many others that depend on the country.

How to buy stars and donate on Facebook Live

Currently, Facebook stars can only be purchased during Facebook Live or Facebook Gaming live streams. For this reason, the creator of the content who wants to receive rewards through this currency will have to be enrolled in the program Level Up, as well as the user must be in a country where this program is available. If these requirements are met, you can make the donation in two different ways.

The first one is using the direct command for donations. In this way, while the creator transmits the content live, you will have to write an exclamation point (!) In the comments and followed by the same number of stars to donate. For example, if you want to donate 1000 stars, you would have to write in the comments! 1000. This method is valid in case you have set up automatic payments.

The other way to buy stars to donate to a content creator is to go to the star that you will find in the comment box, just to the right of «Write a comment». Click on the star and a new window will appear with the option  Buy stars.

Once this option is selected, you must choose the number of stars you want to buy. From that moment on, you will have to follow the Apple Store or Google Play instructions and select the payment method to choose. You wait for the process to finish and you will already have the stars available in your user balance. Now you just have to click on the star symbol in the transmission of your favorite streamer and select the number of stars to donate before clicking on Send to reach the end of the donation so that the content creator can receive their reward.

In this way, thanks to the stars of Facebook Live, content creators can be benefited and rewarded for the great effort they make when creating their live content through the platform that Facebook has created for this, with the advantage that this means for users.

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