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Instagram is one of the social networks that offers more and more complete functions and integrations, which means that users who make use of its platform have at their disposal a large number of different ways to express themselves with their friends and followers. For this reason, this time we are going to explain how to upload a GIF to Instagram, something that many people wonder and that is easier to do than you might think.

If you are a lover of these moving images, which are very funny and can stand out in any type of conversation, you just have to keep reading to learn how to use GIFs in your stories or publications.

How to upload a GIF to Instagram step by step

If you are interested in knowing how to upload a GIF to Instagram you are in the right place quickly and effectively. Below we are going to list the steps you must follow to be able to complete this process. You just have to follow these steps and you can start using these moving images on the platform.

It is important that you follow the steps that we are going to indicate since Instagram does not allow to place GIF natively created by yourself, but you will have to resort to using the application called GIPHY, which you will find in the application store of your operating system, either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

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Once you have downloaded it to your iPhone, it is time to log in to your GIPHY account or create a new one. Then you will have to search for what you want to find a GIF to post on Instagram, having the possibility of using the search bar to find a specific GIF.

Next you will have to click on the share icon, which is represented in the GIPHY application, which is represented by a paper airplane.

Among all the options offered by this application you will have to choose Instagram, for which you will have to click on the icon corresponding to the social network.

At this point, you will have to choose if you want to add the GIF as a publication to your feed, that is, as a conventional publication, or to publish it as an Instagram story.

By doing this process GIPHY automatically converts the GIF  so you can use it on the Instagram social network. In this way you can stand out, you can make a difference on this platform and attract the attention of your followers.

As you can see, thanks to this application you will avoid having to do the process of convert GIFs into MP4 files to be able to upload them to Instagram. It is an application that if you use it in the correct way will allow you to have a greater impact and thus increase your number of followers.

Why use GIFs on your business Instagram?

The use of GIFs in publications offers a touch of fun and emotion that is very useful for brands, which in this way can better connect with their followers and the potential audience that could become their followers.

It is a great opportunity therefore that should be taken advantage of, taking into account that Instagram is a social network that has a great impact and that it is really useful for companies. This means that GIFs can be applied both to implement them in Feed publications and in the case of Instagram stories, the latter being the ones that currently have the greatest importance for many users and brands due to the great potential they have to the time to connect the brand with users.

How to use GIF in your Instagram stories

If you are not convinced or do not know how to use GIFs on Instagram, then we are going to explain some ideas or tips so that you know how to use them in your Instagram stories. For this you must take into account everything that we are going to detail below:

GIF as a call to action

Any professional who is focused on the world of marketing will know that if you want a user to do something, you must guide them to do so. A simple and different way to do it is by using GIF images.

With this element you can encourage followers to visit a website or other social networks, but also to link a photograph or promotion or make them use a code among other types of actions. With the use of an appropriate GIF you will have gained a lot when trying to connect with potential followers and clients.

GIF to highlight a text

In the case of Instagram stories, it is necessary to use more text than image on some occasions, but in these types of situations what you can do is resort to the use of some GIFs that will make everything much more fun.

Thanks to the use of GIFs you will be able to give an interactive touch to the publication, giving it some movement and thus attracting the attention of the user, which will allow you to stand out from other stories published on the platform, thus achieving the desired impact that is to call attention.

GIF to highlight an image

In the event that you want to give an image a more creative and fun touch, you can make use of GIFs, which will also help you to highlight your stories ahead of others that can be published on the social network and which, in addition, will give you the possibility of making a user pay attention to a particular place in the image.

For all this, GIFs have great potential and become an element that must be taken into account when publishing both on Instagram and on other social networks, where their use can clearly make a difference to the time to get more attention.

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