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We are one of the companies leaders in web positioning in Europe and the US with extensive experience and professionals who will be fully dedicated to your website dominating your online market nationally and internationally thanks to its visibility in search engines. We use strategies and methods of SEO confidential that are giving very good results to our clients. In order for us to improve the positioning of your web page, you must choose a keyword and the link most related to that keyword on your web page. After purchasing one of the web positioning packages available, you will begin to notice variations in the search results. of your website after two months ( average time it usually takes to notice the results of our work)

Why position yourself on Google?

In recent years, search engines are incorporating new variables that must be taken into account for the website optimization. Local searches, or personalized searches are some of these new types of positioning. If your website doesn't rank high in the search engines, it will be impossible for your new customers to find the products you sell. This will mean that the desired sales will not be perceived.

Latest positioned websites

We have positioned more than 2000 websites, so we are very proud to show the results we have had both on our websites, and on that of our clients, we leave you with a couple of current results and in just 1-2 months. Web positioning with high competition medium competition niche 1
Web positioning with average competition medium competition niche 2  Low competition web positioning results33

What do we offer?

Initial analysis

Before starting any order, we analyze your website, in addition to advising the client on internal changes before starting.

Competitive prices

We are flexible and we adjust to your budget, we position websites from € 19,99 per month. With guarantee Although in SEO you can never predict a result, we work with the guarantee that results will be noticed from the second month.

We are not resellers

Unlike other SEO agencies, we do not spend your money buying reviews and links for you.

When positioning the website of your business or company, whether it is recently created or it is a portal with antiquity on the internet, it is important to take into account the need to carry out all the work of SEO in a timely manner so that the best results can be achieved.


Achieve a SEO That it places you among the first results in Google searches is something perfectly possible, as long as it is carried out in a very careful way and taking into account even the smallest detail so that the strategy is adequate.


Your web portal is of utmost importance, since it is the image that your company transmits abroad through the internet, acting as a spokesperson for your services or products. In a way, it is a salesperson who works uninterruptedly 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, for you. For this reason, it is essential to work on Website SEO with the aim that it can reach as many people as possible.


The importance of web positioning


Different studies about SEO emphasize the importance for any business of appearing in the first search results, since as you fall in the list, the chances that users click on your website are reduced, to the point that if your website does not has a good SEO end up forgotten among the hundreds of pages that can be for a keyword.


Although you can receive clients without being in the first positions, the reality is that it is tremendously difficult for you to have a good client base if you are not on the first page. Therefore, the mission of SEO is to place your web page within the most searched keywords among the first search results.


The Internet is, without a doubt, a great source of business and income for many companies, there being many that subsist exclusively through this medium. Others, on the other hand, are committed to digitization at a time when it is increasingly necessary, while maintaining their physical establishments, a combination that can bear incredible results, as long as the SEO support the good work done in the online store itself and the physical establishment.


How to do good SEO


Bring a web page to first search results It is not a simple task. First of all, the web page must be properly worked with its adequate SEO, that is, that it is optimized for search engines.


To achieve this, it is necessary to work on different aspects, ranging from the web's own programming and its design, to all the work related to the development of the content.


El web domain name It is one of the elements that influence when positioning a website, as is its accommodation or hosting, which must offer sufficient speed of loading to the web. This is also influenced by the design and structure of the web, being some of the aspects that should be assessed.


It is also very important to work the keywords o Keyword, which are one of the main points to deal with during a work of SEO. Through them, they seek to place special emphasis on the words that potential customers search the most to search for a certain product or service.


For example, in the event that a person from Madrid is looking for a professional to fix the plumbing in their home or to install a heating system, they are likely to search for "plumber Madrid", and the same happens with any other professional and city, all of them keywords that will have many searches.


However, precisely taking into account its high volume of searches, the work of the SEO Web design is to try to beat all the competition that is trying to work the same or to look for alternative keywords that help the SEO since the web improves in the indexing within the search results.


Strategies within the SEO WEB


At the time of approaching a job SEO There are different strategies, which also go through the use of tools or resources focused on carrying out strategies of linkbuilding, which is a key part of the SEO and that is responsible for linking keywords from other blogs or portals that have authority and, therefore, add value to the destination website. This helps improve search engine rankings.


The articles on these relevant websites contain links that redirect to the portal to position, but in addition to providing value for coming from a reliable source, at the same time it will be generating traffic, that is, visits by users who click on it; and the search engine gives value to that traffic, thus climbing positions in Google.


Among other current strategies is the work of the social media, which play a fundamental role in promoting products and services. They are key in the SEO of a website and can provide the boost that a business needs to achieve success.


There are many aspects that must be assessed within the SEOTherefore, it is very important to use the services of a professional who knows how to carry out the entire process with the utmost rigor and efficiency as possible. If you trust us, you can have the peace of mind of enjoying a complete service that will improve the SEO of your website, regardless of the sector or topic it addresses.


Our extensive experience allows us to be in a position to provide the best services in the digital world, always working with the utmost professionalism and dedication to seek the total satisfaction of each and every one of our clients. Therefore, we put all our effort to satisfy your needs and that the SEO your website is the best possible.


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