The content that is shown in a channel of YouTube It is very important, since you get to show users what you are capable of and in this way the platform itself will help you position yourself in order to earn a greater amount of subscribers, although it is true that on many occasions there are doubts about it around the users themselves, who want to know how to see my subscribers on YouTube, an action that is much easier to perform than you might think.

Throughout the next few lines we are going to explain what you should know about it so that you know how to see my subscribers on YouTube quickly and you can know the number of people who have decided to subscribe to your channel to be aware of all the publications you make. However, the fact that a person is subscribed to your channel on this video platform does not mean that they have to see all your videos, since it is possible that they are subscribed but do not have notifications activated, so they won't receive an alert every time you upload new content.

For this reason it is important to try to retain the audience in the video itself and invite them both to become a new subscriber to the channel and to turn on notifications. In this way, you will be warned every time you decide to publish a new content on your YouTube channel and in this way it will be more possible for you to gain more visits and views of your videos, which is the goal you should pursue.

Knowing the people who are subscribed to your channel can also give you an idea of ​​the audience that is interested in your videos, so that you can get to focus more on them and thus make your channel become more and more popular. However, for this it is more important to pay attention to other statistics than to simply see your subscribers.

Steps to view your YouTube subscribers

If you wonder how to see my subscribers on YouTube You must bear in mind that you must follow a series of steps that are very simple to carry out and that will only take a few seconds, in which you will be able to obtain this information that may be of such relevance to you, when it comes to knowing your current status on the platform. Subscribers are a great way to see how a YouTube channel grows, although it is not the only factor to take into account, since it is also necessary to take into account other statistics such as views, for example.

In this case, to know the subscribers you have, the steps you must follow are the following, all of them very simple to carry out and that will only take you a few seconds to know it:

  1. First of all, of course, you must access your YouTube channel, for which you will have to go to the application or to the platform's website, where you will have to log in with your username and password. .
  2. Once you have done it, in the event that your account is not verified, it is advisable that you do so for security reasons.
  3. Next you must go to the option Creator Studio, which you will find in the drop-down that you will find after clicking on your user image in the upper right part of the screen in case you are accessing from the computer.
  4. Once the previous step is done, it will be time to click on the option Community, located on the left side of the screen, where you will find a menu with different options, one of them being Subscribers, which is the one you have to press to see at the top the total number of people who are subscribed to your channel. It is important that you know that you can only see the number of subscribers who have decided that the subscription is public, because if they do not have it done this way, although most do, you will not be able to know it. Therefore, it is a very approximate data but it is not 100% real in some cases, while in others, (when all users allow their subscription to be known) it will be.

What is the use of knowing who is subscribed to my channel?

It's important to know how to see my subscribers on YouTube For different reasons, starting with the fact that the quantity serves as a reference for other users, being an indicator that makes it possible to point out to new users that your content is of a high quality, and that will make it much more likely that they will follow you.

The number of subscribers makes it much more likely that other people decide to also become your followers, since this will show that your content is of interest. In addition, when you review the list of subscribers that a channel has, it is possible to click on each of the subscribers to visit their page, so that if they have a channel you can also subscribe to it.

Knowing who is subscribed to your YouTube channel helps you to know the consumption habit of your followers, and based on this you can create content that may be of more interest to them, which will make your videos have greater visibility .

In order to receive more information in this regard, it is recommended that you visit YouTube Analytics, a tool thanks to which you can find out much more information about your followers, and therefore, about your target audience, making it much easier for you to create content that may be interesting to them.

This way you know how to see my subscribers on YouTube, which is very simple, but you also have to take into account all the possibilities that the platform itself offers you in terms of information about your audience, information that must be taken into account to try to make it grow.

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