If you're looking for ways to improve your Instagram post / story styles, we've compiled a list of the best apps that can help you get there.

Do not forget that even though all these apps are free, their options are limited. If you want to have access to all that is available, you have to make premium purchases (which is usually not too expensive). However, the free versions are just as great!

8 free apps to make your Instagram posts stand out

* We are not sponsored by any of these apps

1. Typorama (free)

8 aplicaciones gratuitas que haran que tus publicaciones de InstagramTyporama is an application that allows you to add text to your photos. You select the photo you want to upload to Instagram, then you have the option to resize a photo, story, etc., but these are the ones we will focus on.

You get default font and style diagrams. You click on one, then fill it with your own text. It automatically puts them in shape to give you the best appearance. When you tap the same style that you chose, the format will be changed. The Typorama logo can only be deleted if you have premium. More font styles are available with premium.

2. Canva (free)

1561548611 446 8 aplicaciones gratuitas que haran que tus publicaciones de InstagramCanva is one of the most popular editing apps and you've probably heard about it. Canva offers many free images, layouts, stickers, fonts, and more. It's easy to use but still gives your images a professional look.

You can play with the size and style of the fonts, and there are free templates. The premium option allows for less hassle, such as registered brand colors, folders, a seamless option, and so on. Nevertheless, Canva works extremely well as a free option.

As you can see in the image above, you can add your own images and edit the text if you choose a template. However, you still have the freedom to change everything if you only like the layout, such as colors, placement, etc.

3. Layout from Instagram (Free)

8 aplicaciones gratuitas que haran que tus publicaciones de InstagramLayout (Apple App Store, Google Play) is a simple application, from Instagram, to create collages. You select your photos, then above the photos, you can choose the layout of your choice. There are 8 layouts at your disposal.

Once you have chosen the layout, you can drag, resize, invert and reverse the images you have chosen as you see fit. You can also add a border. Then you click Save and you have the option to share it directly on Instagram.

4. Featured (free)

1561548611 157 8 aplicaciones gratuitas que haran que tus publicaciones de InstagramFeatured is an application created specifically for Instagram stories. The operation of this app is to add for the first time the image you want to use for your story. You can adjust the photo as you like by moving it and / or zooming in or out. You can upload your own image or download an image directly from Unsplash, a popular site with free photos.

You can add text directly from the application. You have fourteen different font options and nine font color alternatives.

If you reduce the size of the image to the dimensions of the story, you can add a color background, as shown in the example shown at the top with the yellow. This type of Instagram stories will not fail to make you stand out if you add your unique touch. Once you're done, you can share directly on Instagram or, if you prefer, save it on your film for later sharing.

5. CutStory for Instagram Posts (Free)

1561548612 566 8 aplicaciones gratuitas que haran que tus publicaciones de Instagram

CutStory is a very unique application. First, do as with other applications and select the images you want to use. Once you are done, you will immediately see the pictures appear as if it 's a slide show. This is because this app allows you to put many images in a slideshow. The images change neatly and it's not something you often see on Instagram.

You have the option to change the pace, add stickers (like the emoticons you see at the top) and add text. The application has a variety of fonts at your disposal. You can also add a background and a sticker of your logo. However, it cost $ 9.99. When you save the publication, it is saved with the CutStory logo in the lower left corner, but you can delete it for only € 0.99. (Most options for removing logos cost $ 0.99.)

6. CVBA – Collages for Instagram (Free)

1561548612 801 8 aplicaciones gratuitas que haran que tus publicaciones de Instagram

SCRL is another application that allows you to create collages, but what makes it different is that it allows you to create panoramic collages. You can add photos and text, and play with as much as you want. Put them on the scale, rotate them and move them until you are satisfied with the result.

According to SCRL, "The guidelines divide your canvas into several frames", which lets you know when the photo ends and the news begins. The application, although it may seem complicated, is really easy to use. Once you have added your images and your text and chosen the appropriate size, you can save the images as images or video.

A video would allow your Instagram followers to view the panoramic image without going back and forth. If you save the photos as images, you can create a carousel. Both options are great. You must pay $ 0.99 to save the images or video without a logo.

7. StoryFlow (free) // Unfold – Create stories (free)

1561548612 227 8 aplicaciones gratuitas que haran que tus publicaciones de Instagram1561548612 325 8 aplicaciones gratuitas que haran que tus publicaciones de InstagramThe reason I combine these two apps is that they have the same purpose. Both of these apps are specifically designed for Instagram stories and offer many layouts in which you can add an image, multiple images and / or text. The goal is to give your stories a cleaner look.

The difference between the two apps is that Unfold allows you to share directly on Instagram and that StoryFlow does not, and Unfold has more templates, but other than that, they're both awesome.

I would recommend downloading all these apps, testing them to see if they have a purpose for you, and sticking to your favorite ones!


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