A content calendar is extremely useful to know in advance what images or videos you will download. This allows you to forget about the stress related to what you are going to download every day.

You can try different styles and types of content calendars and see which one is right for you. Although there are probably hundreds of blogs offering content calendars as promotional gifts, you can create one yourself. You may prefer this, because you can adjust and modify everything that suits you best.

The first thing to determine is whether you want your calendar to be a monthly calendar or a weekly calendar. If you decide to create a monthly content calendar for Instagram, you'll need to book a few hours in the last few days of each month to determine your content for the next month. If you choose a weekly program, you will need to set a time every Sunday, for example, to create your content.

How to create a content calendar for Instagram that works for you

Como crear un calendario de contenido para Instagram que funcione

1. make a schedule

Since you have decided to try monthly or weekly content schedules, you must now create the calendar. Most people usually create calendars on Canva or Excel. There is no better choice, only the one that suits you best. If you like to be creative, go for Canva, and if you just want to finish, use Excel or Google Sheets.

You can make your calendar look like a regular calendar or something very unique. The only suggestion we will make is to leave enough space in each square for the photo you are uploading, the content you are going to write in your caption and the hashtags you will use.

2. Think about the content you want to create and organize it according to your schedule.

Once you have created your calendar, create the content with which you will fill your month. In each square, write the photo or video you are going to download. Here are some examples:

January 1st: a photo of "happy new year"
January 2: A photo of my resolutions
January 3: A video of your workspace
January 4: A picture you took of yourself
January 5: An image of the book you are reading

You can publish multiple images of the same type, but make sure you edit it to keep your followers in constant contact. You can have the same type of schedule for a week, for example, because it gives you plenty of space to publish different types of images.

If you do not know what kind of images to post, read this article to find ideas!

3. Batch: create all your items at once

1559431808 770 Como crear un calendario de contenido para Instagram que funcioneNow that you know the type of publication you want to download, it's time to create the content for the entire month or week. I do not recommend that you want to create a job in one hour, but you want to take enough time to stand out from your competitors. You want your followers to stop scrolling to like or comment on your photo.

Since you've already determined the type of content you'd like to upload to Instagram, you can now create the content that matches it. Of course, you will not be able to create the content of everything you want to download.

If you want to upload a picture with an inspirational quote every Monday, it's something you can create in advance. However, if you take, for example, a picture of what you are working on that day, well, that's something you'll have to consider.

You can upload photos of yourself even if they were taken last month. If your desktop still looks the same, you can also save the video in advance. It's about determining what content needs to be created now and knowing which ones can wait until the day of.

Then write the caption of each picture and determine the hashtags you will use. You will take these photos, caption and hashtags and upload them to your content calendar. Now you will know what you will download each day.

4. Download preview (optional)

Preview is an application that lets you see what your Instagram looks like if you upload the photos. The appearance and aesthetics of your Instagram are important because they determine whether people will follow you and even buy from you.

You can download this app and take the extra time needed to download the photos and determine their best appearance on your profile.

5. Save the articles as drafts

You have the publications, captions and hashtags you want to use. You can save the images and caption in a social network manager such as Hootsuite or MeetEdgar, but the problem with these websites is that Instagram does not allow third-party websites to post directly to Instagram.

Generally, the message is created and saved, and when the time comes, you post it on Instagram, you copy it directly to Instagram (they offer you a very simple option). That's why I prefer to save Instagram posts as drafts directly to the app because it's the same thing, but you avoid the "copy" step.

So, since you did everything and wrote. Download, copy and paste your content and save it as a draft on Instagram. When you download, check your calendar and post the photo you have planned for this day. Whether you want to include hashtags in your caption or comments depends on you.

Here! Here's how to create a content calendar that's right for you.


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